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Defense Contractor BAE is Looking for Cryptocurrency Exploitation Experts

Saad Ullah



BAE, one of the biggest defense contractors in United States, is looking for experts who can find and exploit loopholes in cryptocurrency coding.

Cryptocurrency Exploiters

Uploaded on BAE’s LinkedIn page, the advertisement by the United States military contractor seeks out cryptocurrency exploiters, which are required for an undisclosed client who is situated in Washington DC. The candidate BAE seeks should be proficient in the cryptocurrency field with valid credentials. The lengthy text on the opening covers a wide range of other requirements, including technical ones such as,

“Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP), Certified Bitcoin Expert (CBX) or a candidate with a substantive understanding and depth of applied Cryptography including elliptic curve (ECDSA) signature algorithms, Schnorr signatures, and Zero Knowledge Proofs”

Apart from the technical skills, the perfect candidate for BAE should also have a bachelor’s degree and at least 6 years of working experience.

Secret Client

Based in the United Kingdom, BAE is a major defense systems contractor for the United States military. Supplies from the firm include basic hardware to advance electronics. BAE has not disclosed the identity of the client, however the strict requirements for the candidate in terms of security clearance are nothing short of something out of a movie. The successful candidate will be required to go through polygraph test, what is usually known as a lie detector.

The candidate is expected to work with client personnel at “all levels” and is also expected have experience in “supporting operations or familiarity with the Intelligence Community.”

The rise of cryptocurrencies in recent years and the inherent ability of the digital assets to be censor free is a cause of alarm for most intelligence and financial communities. Users of the darknet are increasingly relying on cryptocurrencies, especially privacy ones like Monero to mask their illegal activities.

Another concern shown by law enforcing and intelligence agencies is that cryptocurrencies are also perfect for terrorist organizations, who could use it to fund their activities. However, contradicting reports do exist that show that a near negligible amount of digital currencies are used by terrorists.

In any case, the fact is that an organization that wishes to remain secret in the Washington DC area has intents to exploit loopholes in the coding of cryptocurrencies, probably using the skills of the crypto exploiters for national security.

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