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Zoomd Partners With Microsoft To Deliver Exceptional User Interface And Greater Functionality For Advertisers And Publishers

Saad Ullah




Zoomd has partnered with Microsoft to enable accelerated growth and provide exceptional cloud-based marketing solutions.

November 2019, IsraelZoomd Technologies Ltd. is proud to announce they are partnering with Microsoft to adopt the new Microsoft Azure Data Explorer. As an exceptional data-driven company, collaborating with Microsoft will make them become one of the most powerful and reliable advertising services available.

Zoomd is a site search and user-acquisition platform specializing in mobile applications, designed for both advertisers and publishers. Before they started working with Microsoft the platform was only able to process a few million events per day. Now, with the integration of Microsoft’s Azure Data Explorer, they are now doing more than half a billion, which is undeniably impressive. 

Their data latency and system efficiency have improved while the direct integration to over 600 global Ad Networks, DSPs, and media channels for user-acquisition proposes and on-site search solution for hundreds of publishers makes it the next big and unbeatable advertising system in the industry. 

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“Zoomd’s transformation is seen as a great example of how to truly translate cloud power to business success in the modern market. Zoomd, by harnessing the capabilities of Azure Data Explorer, will be able to speedily improve several business KPIs such as data latency, capacity, and cost. The integration has allowed them to focus on their core and lean on the cloud elasticity and efficiency to scale up, which has empowered and encouraged quick growth,” says Uri Barash, Azure Data Explorer Group Program Manager. 

Taking advantage of the capabilities of Azure Data Explorer is a smart decision by Zoomd. It gives the power to be able to stream an unlimited volume of ads, search queries, and other digital engagement events data. 

Working in an environment of such a powerful platform gives Zoomd a competitive advantage. Now, the company can easily provide unparalleled search technology-driven solutions, as well as world-class mobile user acquisition capabilities for mobile app advertisers. The successful integration and functionality has led to Microsoft recognizing   Zoomd as one of its top 8 Azure Data Explorer partners in the world, within the data-driven advertising industry. 

Mobile app publishers and advertisers have many advantages making use of Zoomd’s unified platform. They have access to a user-friendly interface that allows quick multiple switching and unified access to several facilities including invoicing. It also provides users with a site-search solution built on advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI). These technologies and services have powered more than 6,500 monthly campaigns for publishers and advertisers, reaching 100,000,000 devices daily.  

About Zoomd

Zoomd is an innovative MarTech (Marketing Technologies) company dedicated to helping advertisers and publishers make smart decisions on their key performance indicators (KPIs) through a patented, user-acquisition, performance-based advertising platform. The company’s platform unifies more than 600 media sources under one dashboard, providing advertisers with a powerful, user-friendly control center screen for managing new customer acquisition campaigns, and re-engaging existing customers by utilizing comprehensive data insights. 

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