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Have You Ever Applied For An eVisa? If Not, Here’s How

Saad Ullah



Electronic Visa

Are you planning on embarking on a new adventure in a foreign country? If the answer is yes, before planning all the exciting things you want to, you have to check if you need a visa before departure. Fortunately, that is not necessarily a burden anymore? Why? Because the electronic visa has become more and more common.

An electronic visa is a digital document that has the same legal standing as a consular visa. However, instead of going to an embassy or a visa center to apply for one, you can obtain it online and it is electronically linked to your passport.  

How to obtain an electronic visa

First things first, you have to check if an electronic visa is available for the country you want to travel to, and if it is, you have to see if you are eligible for it. That is an easy thing to find out. All you have to is to do a Google search of the visa policy of the country you wish to travel to. It will contain a list of nationalities that qualify for an eVisa.

If your eligibility is established, you have to look for a trustworthy online visa service. Feel free to use a government website, but it seems that most people want to use a private company because they get more benefits. Sure, it is a bit more expensive, but the application process is even easier when using a third-party company.

As soon as you have an online visa service, you can start getting ready for the online visa application process. The first step would be for you to make sure that you meet the requirements imposed by the eVisa you want to apply for. They differ from country to country. Some governments impose more conditions, while others have a more lenient visa policy. However, the requirement that they all have in common regards to the passport. You cannot apply for an electronic visa unless you hold a valid passport. It usually has to remain valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival.

You may be asked to hold other documents as well. You may be required to have accommodation details, an invitation letter, travel insurance, proof of sufficient funds, etc. However, usually, all requirements are easy to meet.

Once you notice that you meet the requirements, you have to fill in an online application form. That is generally perceived as an effortless task. Nonetheless, we must advise that all the information you provide in your form must be 100% accurate. Errors have the potential and will invalidate your eVisa, in which case you have to repeat the entire application process. In order to avoid that, pay attention and review your form before you hit the submit button.

After you complete the online application form and you pay the fee, you can submit your request. Your form will reach the issuing authority which decides whether or not your application is approved. If the answer is positive, the eVisa is linked you your passport, and the confirmation arrives via e-mail. In most cases, you have to print it out before leaving.

As you can see, getting an electronic visa could not be easier. Most people, if they have to choose between a consular visa and an electronic visa, they will choose the latter. The application process is entirely online, your effort is minimal, and you do not have to go anywhere for your visa. For all you care, you can apply for your travel document at 5 PM while having a snack in the comfort of your own home.

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