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Cramer Warns Buying Against Snap’s Stocks

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Snap- TheTradable

Cramer Warns Buying Against Snap’s Stocks

According to recent reports, Snap’s stock price has fallen to brand new lows of $6 per share. This is down from 70%, from where the stock initially started.

Moreover, in the second quarter of the year of 2017, Snap hit new lows of $3.24 billion in cash, whereas cash balance, on the other hand, dropped from double digits in every quarter. Furthermore, it has now fallen to $1.4 billion and this was reported in the company’s latest quarterly reports.

Additionally, shares of Snap ended a little lower during Friday’s trading session as they traded at $1.72 percent higher, at $6.51, dropping slightly during after hours of trading.

Snap- TheTradable

Snap- TheTradable

Snap’s Growth

Snap’s growth is largely and by-in-large disappearing and it is something that can be watched clearly and observed clearly at the moment.

Snap’s growth is evaporating but it is currently not in debt. Moreover, and additionally, Snap’s revenue growth is also slowing down. It is up from 44% percent, but down from 72%, which it rose to a day before.

Shares of Snap ended lower in Friday’s trading session, settling at 1.72% and settling at $6.51, as they dipped during after hours of trading.

During the second quarter of the year, in 2017, Snap almost had $3.24 billion in cash. Its cash balance dropped by almost double digits in each quarter- falling to about $1.4 billion as its latest quarterly reports are.

Additionally, shares of Snap ended lower on Friday in its trading session. It was up by 1.72% as it settled at $6.51, dropping slightly in after hours of trading.

Moreover, Snap is slowing down its revenue growth. It is up by 44% and was in the last quarter. It was down by 72% previously.

Additionally, some high-level executive departures are being observed too. Moreover, Snap’s futures are appearing to be quite murky too.

Snap’s stock price is declining and it may have fallen to just over $6 per share which is down by 70% from where the stock started trading.

Worse comes to worst, the company’s cash and operating activities and its core business earnings are also expanding. They have been shrinking by bigger and larger amounts.

Moreover, according to Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, the company is dealing with many oppositions at the moment.

In other news, Bitcoin has hit brand new lows of $3878.66 on Friday. Moreover, in November, the currency hit the $6300 mark. The currency is again down and about 70% lower since the start of 2018. It performed well during the year but succumbed lower by the end of it.

Additionally, market capitalisation of all major cryptocurrencies stood at brand new high of $70 billion for the month.

Bitcoin’s monthly price performance turned around greatly and so far it is real and relatively stable. Moreover, the cryptocurrency was around and about $6400, without a lot of volatility as global markets dropped on the whole.

It is clear that the market is struggling and a lot needs to be done to protect it. Next year, things will change definitely and investors are waiting for that to happen.

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