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World’s Leading Cryptocurrency Rises Higher!

Shaminy Navin - TheNux



Hey! Have you wondered how does it feel like to wake up to some good news once in a blue moon? I mean, it is impossible to wake up to good news almost everyday but it is absolutely possible once in a lifetime! Count me in!

What you are about to read will be definitely be a music to your ears especially if you are someone that loves spending time in your “wallet”. Certainly not, I did not mean the physical wallet that you would carry around if that is what you are thinking of, but your Bitcoin Wallet!

Probably, a larger part of crypto community is still unwinding from the previous bitcoin price surge that took place in May where it reached about $ 8,900 at that point of time. 

Presently, we are encountering the highest Bitcoin price surging past $ 11, 000, which was the highest price that took place so far in the year of 2019 and it left everyone to jump in excitement, especially if they own a large amount of digital coin! What more do you need, because that’s like you have just earned a bonanza! 

Hold up, there is more that you have to know besides the recent price surge. There were a lot of questions rising among the people regarding cryptocurrency. One of it will be “Facebook’s newly introduced cryptocurrency – Libra is one of the cause for recent Bitcoin price surge?

Unfortunately, I do not have a proper documented evident to prove it but according to experts the newly introduced cryptocurrency, Libra might be one of the reason for the Bitcoin’s price to surge higher! Yes, thanking my diligent research at this point of time!

However, at this time the prices of Bitcoin were seen to be going through some unstable price surge at this point due to its price fluctuation.  The famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin were seen to rise and fluctuate in term of prices according to its live chart as below. 

On the June 22, the Bitcoin’s price surge as high as $11,215 and just like the immediate price surge, the price dropped as low as $10, 416 on the following day, 23rd of June. The prices were fluctuating in between a very thin line till, the price rose again to $10,750 on 23rd of June. Followed by rising from $11,000 to $11,300 on last Sunday!

No one has the ability to foresee the future prices of cryptocurrency as it has always been a mystery. However, the crypto world was shaken years back when Luka Magnotta (pseudonym) claimed that he is from 2025 and the prices of Bitcoin will be surging as his prediction in the nearest future.

Crypto world is well-known for its mysteries cause the more you know, the more secrecies unfolds. Nobody ever knows if the Bitcoin price surging will comply with the time-traveller’s prediction or it will be other way round. 

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