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HTC Will Launch Blockchain Smart Phone Exodus’ Successor This Year




HTC, the Taiwan based electronics giant is planning to launch the successor of its highly acclaimed blockchain smart phone Exodus.

Exodus Successor

The successor, hereto unnamed, will be a second generation blockchain smartphone and is slated to be launched by the end of 2019. According to Chief Decentralized Officer of HTC, Phil Chen, the upcoming model is a direct result of the success of Exodus and will help not only to increase sales, but also spread its winds when it comes to blockchain.

Like its predecessor, the new phone will have an in built wallet that will support Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH).  Starting from this, it will also have expanded support and blockchain capabilities such as browsing, messaging and social media applications. The communications will be based on blockchain and work on the peer 2 peer concept, unlike the previous model which used a more centralized approach through cloud or server storage.

The HTC Exodus, with its launch last year, had met the sales expectations of HTC and according to Phil, which clearly showed that there is still a large, untapped market for blockchain enabled communication devices.

Mobiles and Blockchain

HTC is one of the few smart phone manufacturers that have explored integrating blockchain technology in communication sets. Less than a year ago, it had launched Exodus, their first mobile with built in blockchain wallet. The current model is supported by various dApps and that is only expected to expand in the upcoming model. Buyers have the choice to acquire the Exodus in either fiat or crypto.

Samsung also has the latest Galaxy S10 mobile with a crypto wallet. Unlike HTC, the South Korean telecom giant has no support for Bitcoin and only allows Ethereum. This move is clearly in coordination with its latest blockchain ecosystem, which is based off Ethereum with its own native token, the Samsung Coin.


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