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Bulk Item Shipping Solution For Ecommerce Businesses

Saad Ullah



Have you been experiencing problems shipping bulk items overseas, or have you been eyeballing a heavyweight product on your favourite overseas store not knowing how to get it to your country? Well, with the Ladingo bulk item shipping solutions you can get all you wish for and more. Ladingo has recently launched an unprecedented shipping solution that will deliver bulk items to people in all facets of the world. So if you have been telling your international customers to shop in their local stores to avoid exorbitant flight charges that take the fun out of the purchase. Today is your lucky day.

The initial funding of the Ladingo uber-ized container sharing solution is underway, and it is being fronted by the renowned container shipping corporation, ZIM. As of now, Ladingo has raised 1.6 million dollars to support the project and with ZIM on the front lines, we can only expect more successes.

The world is moving towards a more digitalized economy, where buyers can buy products in bulk from sellers in other parts of the world and ship them to their local areas at very competitive prices. In the past buying and selling were restricted to local stores because buyers don’t want to buy goods, only to end up paying twice or three times the cost for shipping. As a result, sellers of larger sized items had to limit sales to the local market.

However, with the new Ladingo uber-ized container sharing shipping solution, you can ship products overseas and spend a little over what you’d spend delivering same-size products to local customers. How cool is that? Well, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Here’s what you stand to gain with Ladingo’s uber-ized container sharing services. 

Automated Customs

If you are hesitant about entering the global market because of the exorbitant cost of air freight, and the stress of handling customs brokerage at home and overseas. Then you need not worry. With Ladingo’s out-of-the-box shipping solution, you won’t have to lift a finger for the customs brokerage of the goods you are shipping overseas. Ladingo offers automated end-to-end custom brokerage for bulk items and large-size products. They’ve got everything taken care of from, documentation, to taxation, and even down to the regulation of your shipment. They make your shipment delivery hassle-free for you and your customers overseas.

Container sharing services

Ladingo container sharing services allow you to save money on shipments of all sizes and maximize container space during delivery and purchase. If you are a multiple-shopper, who loves to buy products from different sellers, Ladingo’s out-of-the-box shipping solution is for you. Now you can save money on each item you purchase overseas and ship heavyweight products from the furthest parts of the world without stress or hassle.

Increase your reach

As a bulk items seller, the Ladingo shipping solution allows you to reach a more diverse audience with your products. Now you can deliver all kinds of products to people in all facets of the globe without worrying about cost or customs brokerage. Buyers, on the other hand, can now buy large-size products from different parts of the world and have it delivered to their local area without stress or hassle. Whether it’s the sofa you saw in Italy, or gym equipment you like in Germany, or a barbecue grill you ordered from France, you can ship anything you want with Ladingo’s shipping solution.

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