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Zoomd Announces New Portfolio Companies for Q4 2019

Saad Ullah



Have you ever visited a website and spent way too much time looking for a specific thing that is supposed to be easy to find? I know I have. Today, the content is everywhere and all over the place. This is just the problem Zoomd is tackling right now. They provide a modern, sleek, and extremely user-friendly search engine for websites that will boost the customer experience through the roof. The goal is also to try to maximize the customers’ time spent on the site by providing internal searches as well as targeted advertising. Their solution not only works with websites but mobile apps as well. Here is this young company’s story in short:

Zoomd’s Route to success

Only two years ago, Zoomd merged with another industry-leading mobile acquisition platform, Moblin. And from that moment, the only way they had gone together is up. With its unique platform, Zoomd is used by media companies and publishers in more than 80 countries. Moreover, Microsoft has recognized Zoomd as one of their top 8 clients in the whole world. They have been working with the big names in the industry for a while now but recently landed deals with multiple partners you might have heard about before.

On September 3, 2019, Zoomd (ZOMD) went public on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).  From October 2019, Zoomd is working with numerous new partners all around the globe. The companies will work together on user acquisition projects. The partners include one of the biggest VPN providers in the world, Nord VPN, an auto eCommerce website AutoDoc, an Indian entertainment system, often called “the Netflix of India,” VuClip, two online gaming companies Ladbrokes and Bet America and the biggest of them all which needs no introduction, McDonald’s. All of these partnerships and deals are a part of Zoomd’s ambitious international expansion plans. These new partnerships will give Zoomd huge global advantages as the company is now working with McDonald’s in Latin America, the online gaming companies in Australia, the eCommerce website all around the EU, and the VuClip all across Asia and Nord VPN globally.

Zoomd’s algorithm has high accuracy on potential consumer targeting. Advertisers can buy media via smart media buying platform which connects more than 650 media channels and place the ads by understanding the needs of the target group. Zoomd provides a unique feature that leads to the best user experience. Zoomd platform provides you enough capacity to generate over 500,000,000 daily events. You can connect with more than 600 digital media sources. Furthermore, you can find all the mobile analytics tools in one dashboard. 

Zoomd is very excited about the launch of new partnerships and what they are capable of achieving in the future altogether. The CEO and a co-founder of Zoomd, Ofer Eitan, commented on the breathtaking news, “Our work with megabrands like McDonalds and others brings us optimism that our company will see a bright future ahead.”

It seems like Zoomd is on its track to the top of the world of technology with the help of great, powerful business partners. Now it is only to be seen what comes next from this innovative young company. For more information, visit :

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