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Winding Tree To Host Open-source Hackathon With Travel Forward In World Travel Market London 2019 

Saad Ullah



London is about to witness something amazing with two powerful companies, Winding Tree and Travel Forward, leading the WTM chariot in 2019. This is not the first time Winding Tree is hosting a world travel market show, where industry professionals will come together to share their products and ideas with the world. This is the third time Winding Tree is hosting such a large event with a more diverse audience every single time. Nevertheless, WTM London is bound to be the biggest one yet.

WTM London is scheduled for 4-6, November 2019 and it will host over 50,000 professionals, businesses, and corporations; both from the hospitality sector and the travel industry. Even though collaboration and partnership have not been the travel industry’s strongest standpoints in the past. The Winding Tree & Travel forward-led hackathon will help foster collaboration between attendees, so they can work hand-in-hand to address the underlying issues of the travel and hospitality industry.

What to expect from the WTM London hackathon?

A while ago, Winding Tree hosted its first world Travel Market hackathon in Prague (December 2018). Among the attending industry leaders were Etihad Airways, and Air France-KLM. As winding Tree has successfully fostered collaboration between the bigshots in the industry both in Prague and in Lisbon (July 2019). With Travel Forward onboard we can only expect more positive collaborations in WTM London.

Winding Tree’s previous WTM gave attendees (startups, OTAs, and large corporations) equal opportunity to gain collective expertise, code technical hacks, and create proof-of-concept proposals. Thus, empowering winners with the necessary tools needed to move their organization forward in a highly competitive industry. Previous winners of the Winding Tree-led Hackathons include;

  1. Air France-KLM: in Prague 2018, the Air France-KLM coding team created an unprecedented flight search software that uses multiple APIs and UI to pinpoint flights hailing from different parts of the world. Needless to say that this invention has set the pace for other groundbreaking inventions in the travel industry.
  2. Etihad Airways – In Lisbon 2019, a team from Etihad airways took the WTM business hackathon challenge to the next level, by proposing a fully functional cloud-based app that would help manage layover packages for Abu Dhabi. This app will achieve its result through effective integration with Winding Tree’s existing APIs.

WTM London offers attendees from different facets of the industry equal opportunity to explore Winding Tree’s onboarding demo platforms, learn more about open-source, public blockchain, smart contracts, and crash courses on decentralization. At the end of the day, Winding Tree will provide case studies on successful partners.

With Winding Tree’s previous results and accomplishment, the 2019 world Travel Market hackathon in London, will be a true sight to behold. They’ll be showcasing their most innovative technology yet, to help attendees understand the necessity and possibility of open source tech; for professionals operating in the travel and hospitality industries. Winding Tree’s #HackTravel London 2019, should be asterisked on your calendar. It’s going to be everything you hope for and more.

For more information on Winding Tree’s #HackTravel Lisbon event:

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