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Vital Technologies raises $8 million For Its Alcoholic Recovery Beverage CUUR®

Saad Ullah



Vital Technologies has announced the creation of first class alcohol recovery beverages.

For a long time, the world has sought for recovery beverages, especially those that help in alleviating the symptoms of alcoholic consumption.

Vitak Technologies heralded as a leading expert in the research and development of CUUR®, it had finally made an immense breakthrough in its recovery beverages manufacturing. 

Its pharma-class recovery beverage product has shown so much promise that this supplement startup believes that it would sit well in the Pharmaceutical world.

Vital Technologies, currently, possesses a meticulous record when it comes to developing a fast-acting solution that has effortlessly tackled the symptoms that come with consuming alcohol. This will go ahead to help meet a myriad of challenges that the medical and pharmaceutical worlds are currently facing.

The head of Vital Technologies is certain that CUUR® will change how things are done, and this belief has been reinforced with its raising over $8 million in funding. These fundings came from investors from all over the world, especially Israel and the USA.

Vital Technologies is a self-service Supplements Life-science Organization that works deeply in the creating and marketing of effective pharma-class recovery beverage products.

Of recent, its breakthrough product, CUUR®, is changing the way things are carried out, especially in helping humans cope in their demanding and stressful lives.

Amir Barzilay, the CEO of Vital Technologies has this to say about the product launch;

Until Vital & CUUR®, there has been no serious science and technology-driven effort to develop a consistently effective and safe product for post-alcohol recovery to the billions of individuals drinking alcohol in this $1.3 trillion global market. Pharma had so far refrained from investing the necessary resources in R&D and human trials essential to provide an effective solution. Hundreds if not thousands of alcohol solutions developed so far were void of the deep science, pharma-class delivery technologies, and supportive human trials required to develop a successful solution.”

Over the years, humans have looked for substances, pills and so on that can give them the fast recovery they need after a night out with alcohol. Many of these solutions that have been produced over the years seem to have been ineffective until CUUR® came around.

CUUR® combines a myriad of natural substances like Ginger, Tumeric, Trans-Resveratrol, Aspirin, and Quercetin, making it effective. If taken, within one hour of the last alcoholic beverage, its effectiveness shoots through the roof.

CUUR® comes with a disruptive micro-encapsulation technology that ensures that the taste is palatable, making sure users can recover in a tasty atmosphere.

With how efficacious it is, after a night of drinking, CUUR® will act as one’s best friend, treating the symptoms of a hangover while the user sleeps.

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