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U.S. Sea Food Giant, Bumble Bee Joins Hands With SAP for Blockchain Traceability of Food

Saad Ullah



Bumble Bee Food, the largest American Sea Food Brand, has partnered with German technology company, SAP for shifting its supply chain traceability on blockchain.

Decentralized Food Chain

According to the announcement made through a press release, the sea food company will be using SAP’s Cloud Platform Blockchain, a service dedicated for enterprise decentralized systems. The blockchain tracking system will allow customers to scan a QR code on products and view the entire supply chain history, including from where the food originated, the time and date it was captured, along with the whole history of its transportation to the customer itself. Other information such as the size of the catch, authenticity of the product, any fishing and trade certification and the freshness will also be included in the data.

The first phase of the system will have data on the yellowfin tuna, a fish caught in waters off the coast of Indonesia.

Senior Vice President and Global Head of SAP Innovative Business Solutions, Oliver Blitz, described how blockchain technology can be used for the betterment of control in the supply chain, His one sentence summed up the whole concept, saying the technology “creates transparency and traceability across the food supply chain.

Food on Blockchain

Food companies and other retailers who stock food products are shifting towards blockchain at an unprecedented rate. Only a few days ago, French retail giant, Carrefour announced it will be using blockchain to ensure transparency and freshness of its milk product.

The American Food and Drug Administration had also announced it will be using blockchain for traceability of green produce. This was announced after an outbreak of E.Coli in lettuce in the U.S. market. The aim is to trace down source of contaminated food and isolate.

The WWF Australian arm is also using blockchain to track the complete food supply chain with collaboration with BCG Digital Ventures, an investment arm of the Boston Consulting Group.

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