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Platon Finance Teams With CoinPayments to Offer Easy Crypto Payments

Saad Ullah



Crypto Payments

Blockchain and its most used application, cryptocurrency, is now a decade old. Yet, even with its value and use becoming more common than ever, it still lacks real world applications when it comes to comparison with traditional finances. The technology is sound, it has shown time and again that it is secure, the efficiency and speed it offers has convinced governments and central banks to look into its adoption in their economy.

However, with its disruptive application and use, it is still considered in its infancy. Today, it is compared with how much the internet was mature in the late 1980s and early 90s. Many people see it is an untested technology. This has created fear among the global population. The wildly fluctuating prices of cryptocurrency, making them highly impractical for day to day use.

Platon Teams with CoinPayments

Platon Finance is a decentralized platform that is designed to create an ecosystem that gives trust to people who shy away from cryptocurrency use. The platform offers people to join and use cryptocurrencies in their daily lives. The platform offers real estate other properties, allows adoption of crypto payment technology for B2B and B2C commerce platforms, crypto exchange and supports a number of IT based projects.

The Platon Finance platform has teamed up with CoinPayments, a large integrated payment gateway for cryptocurrencies. Through this partnership, the CoinPayments platform will support the payment of Platon Finance’s native coin, the PlatonCoin (PLTC) for all of its payment systems for businesses and individuals. CoinPayments is the first platform that supported payments through altcoins for merchants. It also offers a simple plugin and APIs for point of sales interfaces, giving extreme adaptability for commerce platforms that want to integrate acceptance of cryptocurrencies in their system.

With Platon Finance joining hands with CoinPayments, the combined vision of both platforms of offering mainstream commerce websites and merchants to be able to accept crypto payments will become a reality.

CEO and co-founder of Platon Finance platform, Daniel Tanner said, “People are starting to trust cryptocurrencies again, but it’s important that new projects provide the associated security required in the growing crypto environment” and “CoinPayments shares our same values, and our goal to create a crypto environment that not only focuses on trust and security, but it’s also user-friendly and simple to understand.”

CoinPayments Operations Lead, Sean Mackey shared the enthusiasm and said, “We’re really excited about our partnership with Platon Finance which aims to address four issues with the industry: usability, trust, security, and adoption of blockchain technology.” He further added, “CoinPayments values all four of these pillars, so we’re happy to provide support for PlatonCoin, and to working together to drive mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.”

About Platon Finance

With more than 15 years of experience in information technology, Daniel Tanner founded Platon Finance in 2017 with an objective of a crypto club that would educate the masses on cryptocurrencies and transferring the necessary skills so that ordinary people can utilize cryptocurrencies for their everyday use.

Platon Finance platform offers:

  • Platon Club: A social place for crypto enthusiasts, whether experts or novices, to connect and help understand cryptocurrencies. This club is specifically designed to enable people to use cryptocurrencies as easy as using traditional fiat.
  • Platon Insurance: With coverage of USD 500,000, Platon Finance offers insurance to its users for protecting their digital assets. This is one of the biggest advantages of the platform. No other crypto platforms offer this kind of insurance.
  • Symantic Technology: New technologies, no matter how much better than conventional ones, are an emerging sector and have security issues. Platon Finance uses the latest Symantic secure technology to provide unparalleled security to safe keep of digital assets and cryptocurrencies of its users.
  • Platon Cards: Platon cards are just like traditional debit cards, allowing users of the platform to pay for their purchases as easy as swiping any other card. The Platon cards also allow users to use their cryptocurrencies on point of sales which only support fiat.
  • Trading Bots: Dedicated trading bots that are designed to work seamlessly with partner exchanges mean that Platon Finance user will have an edge over other traders. The bots automate trading when given specific instructions, unburdening the user and allow him or her to proceed with other works.
  • B2B and B2C Adoption: The platform allows merchants and commerce platforms, whether working directly in a business to business environment or dealing with end customers, to accept cryptocurrencies in their day to day sales. The platform offers an easy to use plugin that the merchants can add to their payment options. Platon Finance takes care of all the transactions for the merchants.

With its native PLTC coin, an ERC20 compliant native token, the platform gives its users one of the easiest ways to adopt cryptocurrencies and use them in their daily lives.

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