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Milk on Blockchain: Retail Giant Carrefour Guarantees Freshness

Saad Ullah



France based retail giant, Carrefour is now using blockchain for end to end supply chain tracking of fresh milk.

Carrefour Quality Line

The new blockchain product is called the Carrefour Quality Line (CQL) micro filtered full fat milk. The CQL, based on blockchain, ensures customers that they can track the complete supply line of the milk they buy.

With it, consumers would be able to see right down to the location of the farm the milk was procured from. A customer would have complete data access to the intermediaries involved in the whole process, including packaging and how was it delivered to the store. Time stamps in the data would also give customers data on when was the milk procured, giving guarantee to the freshness of the milk in their hand.

Leveraging the immutable aspect of blockchain, Carrefour gives users reliability that what they will be able to access on their smart phones by scanning a QR code is legitimate. Apart from the freshness, users will also be assured that the milk has been collected from farms that have cattle raised on GMO free feeds, reared in medium sized farms that ensure animal welfare.

Other Blockchain Ventures

Carrefour’s CQL is not the only blockchain based program. It follows an expanding list of decentralized technology based products. It already has a Hyperledger based free range chicken being sold in Spain.

It also has joined hands with IBM by taking part in its food tracking system, Food Trust. Food Trust also has other big names such as Nestle, Golden State Foods and others.

With rising concern on the freshness of food, ethical sourcing and recent outbreaks (such as E. Coli in the U.S.), a number of produce and food firms are turning towards blockchain to offer a robust tracing and tracking system that allows for increased customer trust and the ability to pinpoint sources of outbreaks to stop infected products being consumed.

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