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Leaked Samsung S10 Pictures Show to have Crypto Wallet

Saad Ullah



A U.S. technology related publisher has revealed what he claims to be a picture of upcoming Samsung S10 with a crypto wallet.

Samsung Blockchain Keystore

The images have been leaked by Benjamin Geskin, a man who has the reputation of a serial mobile leaker by a website that is dedicated to inform about Apple related rumours. In the latest leak, he uploaded pictures of the mobile that clearly shows a crypto related wallet feature. The mobile is not available to the public and only a few sets have been distributed to third party support manufacturers so that they can start designing their products for the mobile.

The pictures of the set show what the mobile titles as “Samsung Blockchain Keystore”. Supported cryptocurrency list has only Ethereum as an option at the time being.

Samsung, though denying in the past it has plans for a crypto related mobile planned out, had applied for a cold wallet patent in the United Kingdom in December, last year.

Heavy Marketing

The S10 is the successor to the heavily acclaimed Galaxy S series. Apart from its flagship Note series, the S series has one of the best features in the whole of Samsung’s mobile range. The smartphone is being marketed heavily, with anticipation being built up to what might be in the hardware side. This has been achieved with a simple ad campaign, black text on a white background, stating different things, such as “February 20th”, the date of the official launch; and “the future unfolds”.

Sammobile, the largest Samsung community platform had already rumoured that the electronics giant would have crypto wallet integration in the S10. The South Korean company has invested a lot in the crypto mining business and the move towards having a hardware wallet within one of its top of the line mobiles is a logical move.

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