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Hyundai to Use Blockchain for Secure Mobile Electric Vehicle Pairing with Smartphones

Saad Ullah



Hyundai, the South Korean automobile manufacturer, is turning towards the use of blockchain for securing connection between its electrical vehicles and users’ smart phones. This was reported by a green mobility news platform, Green Car Congress.

Customization through Smart Phones

The development of the technology will allow users of Hyundai manufactured automobiles to connect their smart phones and customize core functions of the vehicles. The use of blockchain brings security to the system so that hackers may not gain access to the cars.

As per the report, users of electric vehicles will have access to change parameters of seven different functions of their car. This includes the acceleration and braking power, torque output of the electric motor, speed limit, regenerative braking, climate control and handling of the vehicle.

Users will be able to use a dedicated app to control their settings and securely upload to the Hyundai’s server. The settings will be recorded on a new data block while uploading.

Hyundai has already partnered with IBM for using its blockchain based on Hyperledger for its financial services sister concern.

Vehicles and Blockchain

Recently, there has been an increased use of blockchain by vehicle manufacturers around the world.

Volkswagen and Ford have started using a blockchain platform by IBM that tracks supply of minerals such as cobalt for their batteries that will be used in electric vehicles.

Porsche, the sports car manufacturer has also announced the use of blockchain for helping out its car users for paying toll and parking fee.

Blockchain, with its innovative, secure and economical use is seeing increased applications in the automobile manufacturing sector, where thousands of parts and raw materials are sourced for building of vehicles. SEAT, another vehicle manufacturer, has also considered the use of blockchain for its complete supply chain infrastructure.

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