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HTC Blockchain Phone to Have Opera Powered dApps

Saad Ullah




Smartphone manufacturer HTC has revealed that it will be partnering with Opera browser team for availability of decentralized apps (dApps) for its Exodus blockchain phone.

dApps Galore

Decentralized applications, or dApps, are applications that are based on decentralized systems such as blockchain. The Hong Kong mobile company has announced in tweets that the mobile will now carry a number of dApps. Opera will be launching a dApp that will allow users to make micropayments to e-commerce stores online.

The application will allow users to pay through the Opera browser, utilizing the in-built hardware wallet on the phone. Initially, the browser will only support Ethereum (ETH), but there are plans for Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) in the coming months.

Another Taiwanese startup has also made it into the list of dApps on the phone. Their application, at first sight, seems to be just another ordinary movement tracker dubbed Numbers. The application will record data of steps taken, sleeping and even driving. What it differs is that it will allow users to monetize the data through its in built market place. Users will be able to sell their data to firms that need it for different analyses purposes.

Phil Chen, the Chief Decentralized Officer at HTC said, “Now not only can users own their data, but it forces companies to be more transparent about how that data is used.”

All in all, the phone is expected to get around 20 dApps in total.

About Exodus

The Exodus is the first commercially available smart phone that has built in capabilities for blockchain. It also features a secure, isolated disk space for a cryptocurrency wallet. The phone boasts strong hardware to become the leading blockchain phone.

In line with the blockchain and crypto theme, the mobile can only be purchased through BTC and ETH. However, from March onwards, customers will be able to acquire the phone through regular fiat. Expected price tag is around USD 700.

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