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French High School Syllabus now Includes Bitcoin

Saad Ullah



Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin Rise In 2019

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, will now be taught in French high schools as a part of their curriculum.

Bitcoin Activity Card

Noting on how Bitcoin has impacted and has come to challenge the status quo of legacy financial systems, French education system has now added the cryptocurrency in the syllabus for economic and social sciences. Bitcoin has been making its way into different universities around the world into their courses, but this is the first time that it is being considered to be taught at a high school level. It has been added to the activity card and is now a part and parcel of the economic and social sciences courses.

Since the course is aimed at a younger audience, the course does not go into much depth. The inclusion is more of a symbolic reason that reflects how the cryptocurrency is affecting ordinary and daily lives. The course is designed with mind that the younger generation is not only aware of Bitcoin, but have a good idea on how it is impacting the global economy.

Bitcoin Videos

As a part of the course, there are four videos dedicated to different aspects of the cryptocurrency. The videos compel students to think beyond the concept of cryptocurrency and delve into the economic aspects, such as “Can Bitcoin replace the Euro?” and “Is Bitcoin the currency of the future”. The students will be asked to list down the characteristics and use of fiat and then compare it with what Bitcoin offers.

The videos are from 2017, a bit outdated in the ultra fast paced world of cryptos, but since the question posed and the exercises performed by the students are still relevant, the teaching material can still be used.

Universities such as Cornell, MIT, NYU, Stanford and Georgetown are few of the ever increasing number of higher education institutions that are offering blockchain based courses. France, however, is the first country in the world that is incorporating Bitcoin and its economic impact in the high school level.

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