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Consumers Can Now Spend Qtum Using The Prepaid 2gether Visa Card As 2gether Adds Qtum To Its Cryptocurrency Portfolio.

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Cryptocurrencies have changed how the world looks at banking. With decentralized platforms, every user is his own bank, with total control over his funds. Where traditional banks take over the funds that are deposited with them, they have the discretion to play with the money that is not theirs and use it in projects and other financial instruments to make money, while the original owner of the money does not receive the benefit.

With blockchain banks, the fund owners are the bank themselves. The funds they have in wallets are totally in their control. No other institute has access to them. This has given to the rise of collaborative banking systems. In these, the users are owners of the bank and benefit from all the profits generated by the institution.

2gether Lists QTUM

2gether, the first crypto based collaborative bank in the world has recently announced the addition of cryptocurrency, QTUM to its list of portfolio and supported cryptos. With the addition of QTUM, users of 2gether will be able to not only buy, sell or hold the cryptocurrency, but even make purchases in stores and ecommerce platforms that accept QTUM.

CEO 2gether, Ramon Ferraz, said about the addition of support to QTUM, “We are thrilled to be adopting Qtum to the 2gether platform, as it’s one of the world’s major blockchain platforms and a rising star in the space,” and “Adding Qtum to our list of eight cryptocurrencies means that now even more people will be able to take advantage of the benefits of 2gether.”

QTUM is the native token of the Qtum platform. A fork from the Bitcoin network, the Qtum ecosystem supports on of the most secure and advanced smart contract systems. The platform has shown a lot of potential, with it even being integrated in Google Cloud and Amazon Web services. The Qtum is a secure and stable network that boasts more than 3000 nodes, much more than many other cryptocurrencies out there. The scalability and the toughness of the platform has attracted a number of enterprises

With 2gether supporting QTUM, users of the collaborative bank will be able to utilize the cryptocurrency across Eurozone, the use made much easier with the 2gether debit card. The prepaid card not only allows users to use QTUM online with ease, but with VISA support, allows them to withdraw equivalent fiat using any ATM.

We are very much looking forward to leveraging 2gether to bring Qtum to more users across Europe. As the calls for mainstream cryptocurrency integration continue to get louder, building key relationships like this one will be critically important to expanding engagement with the general public.” said Miguel Palencia, the CEO of Qtum, “We’re on the precipice of real change in modern consumerism and, with 2gether by our side, I believe we will soon be leading the charge.

2GT Sale

The 2gether collaborative crypto bank is powered by its internal token, the 2GT. The token pre sale is in progress and allows investors from the 19 Eurozone countries to fund it from as little as USD 10. The KYC procedure is user friendly, allowing investors to become an owner in the bank in less than 5 minutes.

With 100 million 2GT available for pre-sale, early birds can get their hands on the tokens for EUR 0.05 per 2GT. The platform accepts Euros, Bitcoin and Ethereum at the moment. Increased funding by investors bring discounts that range from 1 to 15 percent. The 2gether platform has a total supply of 2.4 trillion 2GT tokens that will ever by minted. The tokens will be available after the sale ends, subject to approval by the Virtual Financial Act (VFA) of Government of Malta. The approval is expected to be finalized before the end of first half of 2019.

Users can download the 2gether app for Android and iOS and become a part of the collaborative bank.

About 2gether

2gether is a crypto collaborative bank that was founded by Ramon Ferraz in 2016. He and his team of professionals aim to create a financial institution that is owned by its users. The bank cuts away with the complex environment that traditional banks have created and simplifies it so that customers can make financial decisions without getting a headache.

With future plans of integrating big data, artificial intelligence into the highly efficient blockchain environment, 2gether hopes to create a place which takes its users above and beyond the simple fiat interaction and create wealth for the users through Cryptocurrencies as well.

The 2gether platform supports already provides support for different cryptocurrencies, such as ETH, BTC, XRP, BCH, EOS, XLM, and LTC. With QTUM as the latest addition, the collaborative bank is expanding support to major cryptos, bringing the still relatively obscure financial systems to the mainstream.

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