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Lessons from an Analysis Of The 2016 First Quarter International Stock Market Prospects

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Since the occurrence of the 2008 economic recession that left many investors bankrupt, many companies have been avoiding to stake high in the international stock market. With a sole of aim of controlling the recession, government agencies and corporations thought adding more dollars to the market will help save the situation, a scenario that triggered the occurrence of inflation in the financial market.

According to liberations made by market analysts and experienced strategists, commodities have been improving their performance in the stock exchange for the past five years. The accomplishments of investors and firms in the financial market have been recorded regarding price per share, payouts, percentage increments, and an increase of points.

Dow Jones Industrial Average has recorded a percentage increase of 0.32% in the 2016 first quarter stock market prospects. As compared to the 2015 fourth quarter, this company has registered an increase of 53.21 points. DJIA has been encountering huge profits in the market for the past quarters subsequently. This company has also managed to make a total sale of 16,484.99 points this year.

The S&P 500 Incorporation has also been among the blue-chip companies in the stock market. With a total sale of 1,929.80 points, the company has recorded a percentage increment of 0.24% as compared to the 2015 fourth quarter.

NASDAQ Company has been managing the stiff competition in the stock market in a compelling manner. The company has managed to encounter a percentage increment of 0.18% as compared to last year’s fourth quarter. This year, NASDAQ has registered a sale of 4,542.61 points.

Commodities have also been marking a definite trend ion the stock market. Investors dealing with oil products in the market have encountered enormous profits in the financial markets. The price of petroleum products has been stabilizing from one fiscal year to the other. The price of oil is currently standing at &31;.58, marking a percentage increase of 1.84%.

Potential investors dealing with precious metals are also among the entrepreneurs who have every reason to smile. Gold metal has registered a percentage increase of 0.13% for the last two months. The precious metal has also recorded a sale of 1,237.10 points.

In the forex sector, Japanese yen has recorded a percentage increase of 0.16%. Currently, the Japanese yen is selling at 112.21. The Euro has recorded a slight drop of 0.06%, as it is now selling at $1.10.

The financial market analysts have made a detailed report that the current state of stock markets is a positive indicator of massive gains and profits. Investors are expected to make huge profits by the end of the quarter as long as the current trend remains constant.

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