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3 Reasons Why Cryptocurrency Is Still A Great Investment In 2018

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Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin Rise In 2019

3 Reasons Why Cryptocurrency Is Still A Great Investment In 2018

Cryptocurrency has been a hot topic since many years now.

Cryptocurrencies are not a new thing honestly, if you ask me, especially after Bitcoin rose to immense heights just few years ago.

Even though cryptocurrency dropped widely after it rose sharply 2016 onwards, there’s still a lot of hope in it.

Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin Rise In 2019

Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin Rise In 2019

Cryptocurrency: A Top Choice For Investors

Many top investors today still think crypto currency is one of the most viable choice of investments in 2018.

Cryptocurrency investments are traded as digital or virtual currency. In fact, it essentially IS digital/virtual currency.

There are many reasons why cryptocurrency is a great choice of investment even today.

It is being accepted by major platforms today

More and more people are now accepting cryptocurrency as a mode of payment.

Major platforms now deal in the currency too. Since most platforms now accept it, its demand is increasing and naturally, price too! The same trend might be observed in few other months from now too. This shows crypto is here to stay and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

You can’t talk about its doom yet!

If people are saying cryptocurrency will decline in the time to come, that does not define its fate in any way.


Every stock or commodity goes through ups and downs. A rise above or drop doesn’t essentially mean that the thing in question is gone or is here to stay.

In fact, the truth is that cryptocurrency is still in demand and there is a reason why people are now accepting it. Most major platforms accept cryptocurrency as CASH now. There’s a reason behind it all and that addresses the question of ‘demise in crypto currency’.

Rise In Cryptocurrency

Since Bitcoin became more expensive than other crypto currencies, it is one of the most talked about currencies. However, there are other crypto currencies that indeed make viable investments in 2018.

Aside from Bitcoin, other crypto currencies that have risen to prominent fame over time include Ethereum, Neo, Ripple and many others. In fact, some of these currencies were valued so LOW that people hoarded on to them; They couldn’t get Bitcoin so they chose Ripple instead.

Nonetheless, the point behind it is quite simple.

For those who say cryptocurrency is doomed and is going down the drain, the truth is that this isn’t how things work.

The currency is still being accepted by major platforms today which shows it is here to stay. Bitcoin and other currencies are not going anywhere. Intelligent investors should, therefore, get the hint and move in that direction with full confidence.

Expectations For Cryptocurrency In 2019 Are High!

Lastly, another reason why crypto currency makes such great choices of investment in 2018 is that analysts are predicting a rise in crypto-currency next year.

There are high expectations and hopes for the currency. So, it is suffice to say that there is a lot packed for the currency in 2019. The next year is just two months away from now. This essentially is hint again that crypto currency can provide great help and support to individuals interested in investing in it.

If you have been confused about investing in crypto currency, here is your chance. There are any reasons why crypto currency is an excellent choice of investment in 2018. Some of these reasons have been listed above.

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